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oil and gas research

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Management consultancy for Exploration

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Blue Lake Energy Limited was set up in 2014 and offers an enhanced level of research into the upstream Oil & Gas sector.



BlueLake provides bespoke analysis based on fundamental research, financial modelling, site visits and discussions with companies’ senior management.



We provide management consultancy to oil and gas companies on a selective basis to reveal the secrets of how investors really see the oil sector.


"Formula for success; rise early, work hard, strike oil"
J Paul Getty

Getty was famed for the discovery of oil in the Neutral Zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in 1954 which Fortune described as “somewhere between colossal and history making”. The actual discovery was made by a Getty Geologist Paul Walton after detailed and extensive analysis of the play. We believe such analysis is essential and here are some examples of our own work. You will find others throughout our website.

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