Management Consultancy

Poachers turned gamekeepers

We have spent many years on the sell/buy side of the oil and gas sector. We are now bringing all this knowledge to the oil sector by working on behalf of you the oil and gas producers/explorers to reveal how investors really see you, the oil company.

Preliminary assessment

Straight up valuation from a buy/sell side perspective, probably based on discounted cash flow models. Addressing the point – ‘where to investors see value in your company?’. Recommending adjustments to the portfolio to enhance that value. Suggesting new areas/plays/companies you may consider working with. Generating internal metrics for staff to help achieve these external changes.


Once the direction/strategy has been established we will work with you to generate an internal execution plan to actually make changes then work with you to start interacting with current and potential shareholders to start changing perceptions about your company that should encourage investors to own your shares. We are well connected to the sell-side so we are happy to work with your brokers and investor relations to make these changes and maybe suggest some changes in this area as well. (case study)

Case Study