About Bluelake Energy

Our services are typically used by Fund managers to derive accurate valuations for core holdings in E&P’s and to provide independent valuations of new listings and companies that are not usually valued by sell side analysts in the main market.

Bluelake was started by Richard Hulf in 2014 and builds on a previous research business called Hulf Hamilton Limited. Bluelake offers research to:

Private Equity

  • Advise Private Equity clients on due diligence and investment maintenance in oil and gas.
  • By introducing a ‘technical translation’ service into the advisory mix to enhance returns.
  • Provides up-front pre investment analysis followed by ongoing investment reconnaissance.

Fund Management

  • Enhanced level of research by asking the Key Question – ‘Is this a good Oil Company’
  • Based on fundamental analysis of the assets before financial interpretation.
  • Followed by cash flows and the traditional financial/valuation format.

Management Consultancy

  • Advising oil companies on all aspects of investor relations from a ‘technical’ perspective.
  • Where does your company fit in the market? How best to exploit that position?
  • Execution of the strategy through co-ordinated investor meetings and roadshows.

For our private equity clients we model assets from scratch to look at core valuation and also refer new investment ideas to our client base and continually monitor investment holdings through to exit over a period of years.

Our service is:

Unique - information on investments and potential investments is bespoke which the rest of the market will not have (unlike sell side research).

Tailored - to suit the precise needs by company, group of companies, asset or basin. Bluelake will travel with or on behalf of clients to any part of the world on assignment. (has included India, Russia, USA, Colombia).

High Quality - the information is at a level not seen in Investment Management to date and goes ‘beyond the balance sheet’ in depth and breadth.

Focussed - on oil company asset quality (as well as management) that leads to greater fundamental understanding of value drivers within E&P such as productivity and reserve replacement.

Personalised – We regularly meet with Senior Oil Company management and this feedback provides a great backdrop to the quality of our written research.

Regular - ‘face to face’ contact between client and Bluelake to discuss individual company research as well as general sector and company trends.

Independent - No corporate finance issues, no broking clients, no commissions.

Advanced – we use techniques such as ‘Monte Carlo’ to analyse financial and technical data helps quantify the inherent uncertainties of investing in the oil sector.

Revealing - to ‘oil industry home truths’ about companies and areas not commonly known in investment markets.

We also provide banking due diligence services to assist banks participating in debt syndication facilities and this work usually focuses on the reasonableness of the Competent Persons Report (CPR) that underpins the terms of the debt. We also check banking models.

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