Private Equity


We work on behalf of our clients to propose investment ideas in the Private Oil Company sphere. Through our many connections to Corporate and Asset Brokers we are often come across interesting companies seeking funding for exploration and production ideas (we invite such companies to contact us directly). We also work with a number of listed E&P’s to generate M&A ideas, typically at the smaller end of the AIM market.


You should not be flying blind in this sector. You need ongoing technically based advice. Typically our work will involve a detailed analysis of asset values on which to agree a valuation with the private oil company for the purposes of investment. We will generate forward cash flows under various scenarios to identify likely exit values for our clients before investing into the private companies. In many cases we have a CPR to analyse and use this as the basis for our valuation.


We realize that value cannot be created with your investment unless you keep a close eye on your investment achieving license ratifications, government approvals, Final Investment Decision, environmental approvals, first oil/gas, production growth, reserves expansion etc. We can take care of all this through ongoing and regular monitoring of the oil companies you invest into through site visits and regular meetings.


We have worked on several projects including companies with assets in the North Sea and Nigeria. This is the fastest growing area of business for us as capital shifts into the private arena making it less of an imperative for companies to go for a public listing if they have a number of well informed and well funded backers (that we are connected to). (case study)

Case Studies